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Catching a Mako Shark
Take a Kid Fishing

Full Day Shark Fishing $975.00

Spend a long day reliving Hollywood's "Jaws" and catching toothy sea beasts often in excess of 10 feet long! We'll head offshore in search of some warmer water and chum until we catch 'em. On these trips, we are serious about finding sharks and we put the time in to do it. There are several shark species right here in the Gulf of Maine. Shark fishing starts in late July and runs into October. Full Day Shark trips are about 8 hours depending on fishing area and sea conditions.

These trips are limited to 6 people.

All Tackle is included.

*Price per trip, not per person

Family Discovery Trip $300.00

Take the kids (or adults) out for a trip inside Casco Bay to catch mackerel, pollock, cunner and herring. These trips are great for young children who might not enjoy a full day on a boat, in the open ocean, but would like to spend a couple hours on the water. In addition to the fishing you're almost sure to see seals, working lobster boats, lighthouses, ferries, tug boats, large ships and more! All without ever losing sight of land or the comfort of the bay.

Family discovery trips are 2 hours and are limited to 6 people. All tackle is included. These trips are most popular June-October.

*Price per trip, not per person. 

Catch Sharks in Maine

 Off Shore Groundfish

6 Hour Trip $750.00

8 Hour Trip $950.00

We'll venture further offshore in search of more and bigger fish. cod, pollock and haddock tend to be more abundant the farther from shore you travel. Not only are the odds of filling your cooler greatest on these trips, but your chances of spotting rare and unique wildlife such as whales, dolphins and sea birds are excellent, too. Full day offshore groundfish trips are available May through October.  The 6 hour trip is a little shorter, so the odds of bringing fish home to eat are good, but the odds of filling your cooler are best on the 8 hour trip. 

Even though all cod have to be released, the haddock fishing in recent years has been fantastic! 

All tackle is provided, but if you have a good jig stick, loaded with some low-stretch braided line, you're welcome to use it.

Limited to 5 people, but a 6th may join for an additional $100.00

*Price per trip, not per person.  Available May-October

Deep Sea Fishing in Maine
Wolf Fish

Groundfish/Shark Combo $975.00

We'll spend the first half of the day loading up on Haddock, Pollock, Hake and Cusk on our favorite offshore ledges, then once you have some tasty filets to bring home, we'll shift gears and go after sharks in the deep water for the rest of the day. All tackle is included. 

Check out this video of a successful Groundfish Shark Combo trip!

These trips are limited to 5 people, but a sixth may join for an additional $100.00

*Price per trip, not per person. Available late July-October



Shark Attack

Striper Fishing Trips $600.00

Join Licensed Maine Tidewater Guide Capt. Ed Snell in search of striped bass on the Maine Coast. We'll primarily fishng with bait such as mackerel, herring and pollock to try and catch stripers, though we'll do whatever's been working to make them bite. These trips are approximately 5 hours and can only accomodate 4 people.

Available June-October 

Limit 4 anglers.

*Price per trip,

not per person. 

Striped Bass

Half Day (4 Hour) Bottom Fishing $500.00

Fish relatively close to shore, for Pollock, Flounder, Cod, Cunner, Mackerel and More. You may catch fish to take home, but don't expect to fill your cooler. There are lots of fish to catch on these trips, but most have to be released. Generally there is steady action, without the long ride to the offshore grounds. Great for families, looking to spend an afternoon exploring! 

Available May-October

Limit 5 anglers recommended, 6 possible. 

*Price per trip, not per person.

Fishing Trip Packages and Rates 

Family Fun On The Bay $450.00 

Three hours gets you out fishing with rod and reel on the bay for two hours and then we'll do a harbor cruise and haul a few lobster traps so you can learn all about Maine's Famous Lobster industry. 

The trip lasts about three hours and is available for up to six people. 

Lobster Cruise $300.00

Haul some lobster traps with Captain Ed Snell and learn about Maine's iconic lobster industry. You'll see all the sights, sounds and smells of a working lobsterboat in Maine's Casco Bay. 

Lobster Cruises are available for up to six people