How to book your trip 
To book a trip be sure to check out our frequently asked questions, as well as our tips and rules page and then contact Capt. Ed by e-mail @ to confirm the date you'd like to go and to discuss other trip details. In order to secure your reservation, a deposit is required. You can make the deposit (or pay for a trip) by mailing a check of the appropriate amount to us, we'll provide you with the address when we discuss your trip. A check may be used to pay for a trip in full, if it is received far enough in advance to allow it to clear. You can also pay using a credit card with the Paypal button below. Select the appropriate amount from the menu then click the "Add to Cart" button. Remember that we must confirm that the date you'd like is available before you make a deposit.

Email is the best way to get ahold of us, since we're often offshore, out of phone range


We require a $200 deposit on trips more than $500.00 and a $100 deposit for the rest, because when we commit to going fishing with you on a given day, that means we’re going to be telling other people that they can’t.

 Cancellation and Deposits

 Your deposit will only be refunded if the captain cancels the trip due to unsafe sea conditions* or mechanical problems and rescheduling is impossible. We will honor your deposit if you’d like to reschedule for another fishing date, even if it’s next season.

If you cancel the trip more than 14 days in advance, then your deposit will be refunded.  

*Rain does not constitute unsafe sea conditions and fishing trips will not be canceled for rain alone. However, sightseeing trips may be canceled for extreme rain conditions.